Chilled CabinetWhen looking to repair or replace your refrigeration equipment, Air Cool has the expertise and ability to provide a first class solution.

As the customer you have choices;
Whether it’s a premier brand you’re looking for or your budget is your main priority, Air Cool can offer equipment from numerous manufacturers to suite your requirements.

Our vast range can be categorised:

Cold Storage Rooms for meat, chilled or frozen produce.

Cellar Cooling equipment.

Free standing service cabinets, with enamel, aluminium or stainless steel casings. Different temperature ranges for; drinks, dairy, fresh meat, fish,
frozen produce, ice cream and general produce.

Specialized Cabinets:
Pizza make-up tables, salad prep cabinets, blast chillers and freezers, laboratory specification refrigerators, mortuary chambers.

Display cabinets: 
Multi-decks, low level serve-over, glass fronted cabinets, slime line displays, patisserie cabinets, ice cream conservators, beer & wine coolers.

As your requirements change, so can our solutions. Just one call is all it takes.

We’re here to keep your meat, fish, fruit, beer, cakes and wine as well as Air Cool!