Air Conditioning UnitsHave you been on summer holiday, staying in a hot and sticky room with a rattling through-the-window air conditioner that keeps you awake at night?

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Latest technology means lower noise, lower energy input and greater energy output. Altogether far more efficient than the old ‘window rattlers’ of old.

The majority of air conditioning systems are now available as Heat Pumps. This means they can provide heating as well as cooling.

Ask yourself; Why install a conventional ‘wet’ heating system AND a cooling only air con system? Here’s the answer; Twice the cost in capital expenditure, labour and energy usage.

In the age of energy efficiency and global warming awareness, Air Cool can
provide a system for all your needs that meets latest legislation to reduce your Carbon Footprint.

The majority of companies installing new energy efficient Heat Pump systems will qualify for a tax rebate. More details at

Air Cool specifies Daikin Air Conditioning products. They are world leaders in the markets for innovation and technological advances. Their Heat Pumps are listed on the Enhanced Capital Allowance web site.

Your preference may be for an alternative manufacturer.
At Air Cool we fully understand our clients have their own minds, so please don’t be afraid to ask!