Ceiling UnitNot everybody’s favourite subject but reducing running costs and energy usage is:

The majority of refrigeration and air conditioning systems use fans to circulate air around the components.
This creates a natural home for dust, grease and dirt.
When your vacuum cleaner bag is full it looses its efficiency and doesn’t work properly. The same applies to a refrigeration or air conditioning unit.

The condenser clogs. The fan motor overheats and burns out. The compressor overheats and burns out causing hundreds if not thousands of pounds of damage and loss of stock. Even before failure, the components are working harder to achieve correct temperature which means longer running times and higher energy bills.

Insurance companies may not pay out if you do not have a preventative maintenance schedule in place.

At Air Cool we believe prevention is better than cure. Our experienced maintenance engineers know what to look for within a system to try to cure a potential problem before it becomes a major issue.

Spend £100 now or $1000 later? Is there a choice?

We can never guarantee to have no breakdowns but the majority are caused by lack of maintenance.

We will of course attend breakdowns to within prioritized times dependant on severity of call. Our engineers have fully equipped service vehicles and are able to carry out a first time fix in the majority of cases.  There is usually a set limit of around £150 before we advise a quotation to carry on for example for compressor failure. Even then we can normally carry out the repair within 48 hours of the quotation acceptance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding preventative maintenance scheduling and breakdown cover.